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On shameless(?) self-promotion

On several occasions in the past few months, I’ve been kind of chided by people I respect and admire about all the “self-promotion” I do on this blog and social media. And it made me feel pretty ashamed, which made me think about this whole idea of shameless self-promotion, and how shameless it really is. […]

Reading list from The Marriage Plot

“To start with, look at all the books.” From the very opening line of The Marriage Plot by Jeffrey Eugenides, it’s clear that literature is going to be pretty important here. After all, it’s a novel about three Brown graduates as they navigate their first year out of university and into the “real world”, which […]

Rihanna, I don’t want to hear your Chris Brown collaborations

I should probably preface this by saying that I love Rihanna. I think she’s cool, and feisty. She’s got guts, and besides, even if you’re too cool for pop music, you can’t deny that every song she comes out with has the ability to turn any party around. And I do believe she’s a grown […]

Thinking about Kurt Cobain, in honour of his birthday

It was Kurt Cobain’s birthday earlier this week. He would have been 45, which kind of blows my little mind. And even though it should really have nothing to do with me at all, it makes me feel peculiarly, deeply sad. Here’s the quasi-embarrassing thing. I have a beautiful black and white poster of Kurt […]

Gatsby update

He’s still adorable.

Love between the lines (Guest post on Liticism)

 Yesterday I had the pleasure and honour of contributing a guest post to the lovely Beth Blanchard’s Liticism blog. It’s about love and literature and reading Much Ado About Loving: What Our Favourite Novels Can Teach You About Date Expectations, No-So-Great Gatsbys, and Love in the Time of Internet Personals by Maura Kelly and Jack […]

8 romantic things

Hey, so it’s Valentine’s Day. Look, I know how uncool it is to even have it on your radar, but given that I haunt so many American blogs, it’s hard not to be aware of the date. The thing is, it’s always kind of assumed that, if you’re a girl, you’re either pathetically misty-eyed and […]

What I read: January

Death at Intervals by Jose Saramago Basically, I think the way this book came to be written is that Saramago thought, “Hey, what would happen if people couldn’t die?” And so this fictional country was created, where one day, on the first day of the new year, nobody died. If you’re a lover of Latin […]

A particularly feline playlist

Or, 11 songs Gatsby likes Obviously, I’m talking about my adorable baby kitten Gatsby, whose favourite songs may be of less interest than those of the artist formerly known as James Gatz (but then again, maybe not?). But I warned you I would do this. Next thing you know we’ll be sharing an email address […]

Cute pictures of my kitten

My friend L, who calls herself a crazy cat lady, and who kind of is, except that she’s cute and blonde and not a deranged old woman, wrote on my Facebook wall the other day: “Rebecca, as much as I completely and utterly adore your writing, there is something you should know: the internet is […]