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Swifty on feminism, feelings and not being cool

Three things Taylor Swift said in this Guardian interview that make me think I’m not completely insane for wanting her to be my best friend: (Also, I love that she and Lena Dunham became friends because Lena sent her a message on twitter saying “Can we be friends please?” It makes me wish I had an HBO show so […]

Love and sequins for Andreja Pejic, and other girl-heroes

I feel like it’s appropriate to write one more essay in admiration of the iridescent Andreja Pejic, formerly known as Andrej. I’ve talked a lot about how cool it is for a man to embrace femininity, and that’s true… but it’s even cooler for a woman to find such a strong sense of self, and the […]

The gender politics of Kurt Cobain

I was feeling all kinds of sentimental about Kurt Cobain in the lead up to his 20 year anniversary, so I wrote an essay about his feminist activism, his challenge to ideals of masculinity and his general beautifulness for the latest issue of Kill Your Darlings. If you were ever a gloomy grunge kid like me […]

“Loving him was red”: Finding feminism in Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift, the flaxen-haired, cat-eyed girl who grew up on a Christmas tree farm, who makes millions of dollars out of the teardrops on her guitar, who this weekend wrapped up the first full-stadium Australian tour by a female musician since Madonna, has a way of inspiring a lot of venom in people. Sure, she’s […]

Latest work

A few of my latest articles, essays and reviews. Beautiful and Damned: Myths of Zelda Fitzgerald (Kill Your Darlings) Looking at the legacy of Zelda Fitzgerald, as captured in three new novels imagining her life. Putting on the ritz: Edward Steichen & Art Deco Fashion at NGV (Killings) A review of the NGV exhibition. In review: Domestic […]

In which we are successful in some field of living

A colleague brought this in to work for me, knowing how much I’d go crazy for it. And she was right – I’m nuts about this stuff. The Successful Wife’s Pocketbook is a handy little pamphlet by Woman’s Journal from 1962 that offers kind, sisterly guidance on how to satisfy your husband – and to do it […]

Gender reading group – want to join?

You can take the girl out of the arts course… I was thinking about how I’m such a terrible so-called-feminist for not knowing or reading enough (because how can you ever read ENOUGH?), and how I’d really quite like to do a Master of gender studies (but the whole working full time and being in […]

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But I don’t want to be at war with other women

Last night, I was flipping through a fashion magazine and I came across an ad that made me sad, and a bit confused, and then irritated at myself for being irritated by it – which was annoying in itself, because all I was really looking for was inspiration for how I should do my makeup. […]

Feminism and being multiple

One of the oddest things I find about “being a feminist” is the amount of difficulty and debate such a label tends to conjure up. There are thousands of variations, but three key problems seem to always rear their spiky heads: 1. Many women are reluctant to identify as feminists, even though if you ask […]