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All the single ladies: a fascinating reflection on marriage in the modern world. Long, but worth it!

A pretty convincing argument for why Miley Cyrus is hipper and more liberal than you.

“There was always something a little weird about uncle Joey to me.”A nostalgic look back at the crazy world of Full House.

Remember girls! “A man expects you to keep your dignity all evening.” Tips for single women from 1938.

How to market “girly” products to men.

New obsession: I’m CAPTIVATED by the beautiful fashion photography of Krzysztof Wyzynski.

A super cute baby polar bear. Is there anything else to say really?

Jeffrey Eugenides reads from The Marriage Plot and it’s just lovely.

Another fashion editorial featuring Andre Pejic, along with his incredibly amusing commentary on the outfits.

10 guys to date in 2012. I think I’ll start with Max Irons, or maybe the astronaut.

If you missed The Day When Kanye Told Twitter Every Thought That Came Into His Head, Like All of Them the lovely people at the Vine liveblogged the whole thing, so you don’t have to read them all backwards.

The Adequate Gatsby: Beth Blanchard talks about #lessambitiousbooks and judging a book by its title.

Funny because it’s true: people you will meet in discussions about sexism on the internet. I’d say in real life too.

“Sometimes I just hate myself and I don’t want to go to a party and I try on 500 outfits and cry on my bed a little and then refresh Facebook a dozen times in search of the meaning of life. And then I go out.” A gorgeous article on how to get dressed for a party, without any mention of your body shape or “style personality.”

“Fashion is just as integral to human culture as any other creative industry.” Exactly my feelings on the condescending attitude towards the fashion world.

Nothing to read? Here are a few awesome things to start with.

A potentially useful month-by-month guide to getting writing done in 2012.

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