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7 Apr


Sometimes I get this feeling like, hey remember how I used to draw and stuff? And then I sit down with my charcoals and I realise how out of practice I am and it’s one of those things that just is not like riding a bike. So I cheat a little and I trace bits and copy stuff and I scribble and cry, and my cat walks all over it with his cute little paws and tries to eat it. But then I scan it in and adjust it a little and I feel kind of happy.

Anyway, I did this thing of Andrej and it was fun for me. (more…)

David Bowie + Andrej Pejic = everything?

28 Feb


[Updated, maybe with slightly more collected thoughts this time.]

The Stars (Are Out Tonight), the second single from David Bowie’s upcoming record The Next Day, was released earlier this week, and it’s kind of everything. The song is beautiful, grungy and melodic, with a sweeping energy that is unmistakably Bowie. But what’s more exciting is the way it is brought to life in a strange, gorgeous and beguiling video, starring Tilda Swinton, Andrej Pejic, Saskia de Brauw, and Iselin Steiro.

It’s like a creepy little arthouse film – disturbing, sexy and utterly bizarre. Bowie and Swinton (who many have long suspected may actually be the same person) play a straight-laced, middle-aged couple living quietly in the suburbs. “We have a nice life,” Swinton says, kissing Bowie on the cheek as they do their supermarket shopping. He is starting distractedly at a magazine cover featuring an incredibly young, glamorous and decadent celebrity couple plastered on the cover. Then he tosses it aside. “We have a nice life,” he agrees firmly. (more…)

Oh, you pretty things

13 Oct

Those first daylight savings nights are pretty much the best ever. Obviously in Melbourne the start of spring is all a ruse, and winter still drips its dreariness through the days, but the air feels different somehow, fresher. There’s a lightness we’ve been missing, and it fills me with a yearning for long, bright days. I want swimming pools and milkshakes and winter-pale legs in denim shorts. Salt in the air, the sound of coffee brewing from inside a café. Nostalgia for things that never happened, and things that weren’t that great when they did. I want Bowie singing Oh! You Pretty Things, I want the scent of Malibu and diet coke, I want long ponytails and cold mornings and fluoro pink everything. I want everything through an Instagram filter.

Spring, in my head, looks like this. (more…)

On my mind this week

15 Jul


Links I like

4 Mar

How to be nice. It’s not so hard. Rookie mag gives a pretty great outline of different kinds of being nice, and the pros and cons of each.

New Yorkers have all the fun, and now they’re getting cupcake ATMs. Like actual ATMs that dispense cupcakes! 24/7!

How do we feel about Holden Caulfield? A list of the most divisive characters in literary history.

This guy lived in a pretend space capsule for almost 18 months. For serious!

If you love awesome people you probably love Andy Warhol. And you should probably read this awesome interview from 1977.

If you didn’t already think Andrej Pejic was incredible, this swimwear shoot for Nathan Paul will convince you.

Also, I don’t even care if he can act or not – this movie would be very cool if it happens. (more…)

Links I like

5 Feb

Andrej Pejic Gaultier Mens Fall 2012

Why you should marry the Beast, but not Prince Eric. In case you were wondering which Disney Prince you should marry, Thought Catalogue provides a pretty convincing guide.

Timeless Bad Advice: Hugo Schwyzer presents the case against settling for Mr Good Enough.

Taylor Swift is all kinds of beautiful in US Vogue.Read the profile feature and you’ll probably understand why I think she’s such a cool girl.

How to be a productivity unicorn, and why that’s so much more chic than being a productivity ninja.

On that note, how to hold a Ladies Working Brunch. Also, me and some of my most brilliant friends are holding one soon, so get in touch to get in on that awesomeness.

Jean Paul Gaultier’s Men’s RTW Fall 2012 show (starring Andrej Pejic, naturally) makes me want to wear menswear, and you’ll probably want to too. Is there anything cooler than the picture above??

Eating disorders and the fear of the ordinary. Imposter syndrome, perfectionism, eating disorders, and how they’re all tied up together. (more…)

Men who should fall in love with me

26 Dec

Sigh. I just have so much love inside me! I wish these people would hurry up and realise I could totally be the best thing that ever happened to them (and maybe, just maybe find my madness cute and endearing rather than deranged and stalker-like)…

Daniel Johns

daniel johns with dog

Hey Dan. So, I’ve been waiting here pretty patiently for you to realise that we’re soulmates. No seriously, I figured it out maybe eight years ago – what’s taking you so long? But it’s okay; I’ll forgive you for making me wait, because I know the love we could share will be worth it, and besides, I get that you’ve been busy.

It’s not just that you’re maybe the sexiest man alive. I’ve always loved you for your brilliant mind and gentle personality and somewhat mystical aura – and that’s what makes you so special. Seriously, I didn’t even mind that much when you went and shaved off all your beautiful blond hair. There’s just something kind of ethereal about you, Dan, and I knew it before you went and got all seriously ripped and Adonis-like. When you showed up shirtless at Waveaid and everyone was suddenly saying, “Oh wow, he’s like, really hot” – I was saying, “What have I been telling you all for years?”

The thing is Dan, I get you. All that Neon Ballroom heaviness, I’ve been there, and for the longest time I thought you were the only one who would understand me. But now I’m in happy Young Modern sort of times, so it’s pretty perfect really.


In which I talk about Andrej Pejic some more

14 Dec

Andrej Pejic Hema lingerie ad

Andrej Pejic modelling bras for Hema, and why I think he is just the coolest

Okay, so anyone who has spent any time with me in the past six months or so will know that I’m completely enthralled by Andrej Pejic. I think he’s an absolute genius, and he inspires me in a lot of ways. Firstly, in the obvious sense – he inspires me because of his utterly captivating, otherworldly beauty, the way he challenges boundary after boundary, the way he continues to take everyone’s breath away with every new outfit, every new runway show, every fashion editorial.

But maybe more than that, he inspires me because he just seems so completely serene while he does it all. Obviously I have no idea how he really feels inside – but you get the sense that he’s genuinely just really comfortable with who he is, that he actually doesn’t care what anyone thinks. He just does his own thing, and he does it without being all defensive and “hey fuck you man!” about it. He’s only just turned 20, but there’s something really mature about they way he seems to really know himself.

Anyway. So this week he’s making headlines for one of his latest gigs - modelling push-up bras for Hema lingerie. Which is pure genius,  and with Andrej’s sassy, sardonic sense of humour you can just tell he loves the whole idea of it. A lot of the things he says or does, it’s like he’s secretly laughing, and you can just tell he kind of thinks this is a scream. It’s kind of on the same wavelength as the incredibly clever Dermablend concealer ad Rico Genest (better known as Zombie Boy) starred in, and I think it’s very cool. (more…)

Boys in skirts

10 Oct

Excitement! My article on Andrej Pejic, androgyny and androcentrism appears in Issue Seven of the always-wonderful Kill Your Darlings journal.

Read the full text of my piece here!

[Update: Linked page seems to be doing something odd. If you'd like to read my essay let me know - I'll happily pass it on.]