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Feminism and being multiple

One of the oddest things I find about “being a feminist” is the amount of difficulty and debate such a label tends to conjure up. There are thousands of variations, but three key problems seem to always rear their spiky heads: 1. Many women are reluctant to identify as feminists, even though if you ask […]

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How to be nice. It’s not so hard. Rookie mag gives a pretty great outline of different kinds of being nice, and the pros and cons of each. New Yorkers have all the fun, and now they’re getting cupcake ATMs. Like actual ATMs that dispense cupcakes! 24/7! How do we feel about Holden Caulfield? A […]

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Why you should marry the Beast, but not Prince Eric. In case you were wondering which Disney Prince you should marry, Thought Catalogue provides a pretty convincing guide. Timeless Bad Advice: Hugo Schwyzer presents the case against settling for Mr Good Enough. Taylor Swift is all kinds of beautiful in US Vogue.Read the profile feature […]

New year, new me. Or something.

This year, I will be like Taylor Swift It’s that time of year, when I’m filled with aspirations and the best of intentions and ideas about the sort of person I want to be. I hate New Years Eve, for obvious reasons (although I did just have a pretty fun night: a cute boy, a […]

In which I talk about Andrej Pejic some more

(Edit July 2014: This was written when Andreja was going by Andrej and using male pronouns. At the time, it was to the best of my knowledge that she identified as male. Any essay I would write about her today would look very different, though still celebrating how amazing she is.) Andrej Pejic modelling bras for Hema, and why I […]

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Here are a few articles I read this week that got me thinking, and I’d implore you to click on through. We’re all real women … what do men or size have to do with it? by Clementine Ford on The Drum One major problem with the whole “real women have curves” thing is that […]

My new friend Jon-Jon Goulian

Over at Killings, the blog of the wonderful Kill Your Darlings journal, I wrote about a day I spent with my brilliant and delightful new pal Jon-Jon Goulian, author of The Man in the Gray Flannel Skirt… ‘A strange kind of intimacy': a day with Jon-Jon Goulian The first time I heard of Jon-Jon Goulian, […]

Really little women: on Thylane Blondeau

In my latest ‘Flotsam and Feminism’ column (published in Farrago magazine), I talked about 10-year-old fashion muse Thylane Blondeau and The Beauty Myth. Her name is Thylane Loubry Blondeau, and she’s one of the new muses of the fashion world. She’s graced the cover of high-end magazines, starred in ad campaigns for major designers, and […]

The perks of being pretty

(Published on It’s something most of us just sort of take as a given: beautiful people have it easier. This video has been floating around for the past week or so and getting quite a bit of attention for its comment on the privileges pretty women appear to get on a day-to-day basis. As […]

Fat-talk is a feminist issue

In my ‘Flotsam and Feminism’ column for Farrago magazine this month, I talked about why calling ourselves fat is a feminist issue.   Sometimes I think my body is growing and shrinking all the time. I was a chubby child, but somewhere between Sclub7 days and my debutante ball I slimmed down. Now, a few […]