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Rihanna, I don’t want to hear your Chris Brown collaborations

I should probably preface this by saying that I love Rihanna. I think she’s cool, and feisty. She’s got guts, and besides, even if you’re too cool for pop music, you can’t deny that every song she comes out with has the ability to turn any party around. And I do believe she’s a grown […]

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Why you should marry the Beast, but not Prince Eric. In case you were wondering which Disney Prince you should marry, Thought Catalogue provides a pretty convincing guide. Timeless Bad Advice: Hugo Schwyzer presents the case against settling for Mr Good Enough. Taylor Swift is all kinds of beautiful in US Vogue.Read the profile feature […]

Sex and animal rights – what exactly is the link again?

Thinking about “Sexing up animal rights: is it wrong?” By Katrina Fox and Stephanie Honor Convery in Overland What exactly is the link between sex and animal rights? It’s weird to even be asking that question, but inspired by the debate in Overland between Katrina Fox and Stephanie Honor Convery, I’ve been thinking about whether […]

Why I wish Taylor Swift was my best friend

Sometimes I think I can kind of trick people into thinking I’m cool. I try to impress people with my ability to sing along to Rage Against the Machine and my love for Fight Club, and sometimes I even convince myself that I’m a little bit rock and roll. But other times, I just come […]

In which I talk about Andrej Pejic some more

(Edit July 2014: This was written when Andreja was going by Andrej and using male pronouns. At the time, it was to the best of my knowledge that she identified as male. Any essay I would write about her today would look very different, though still celebrating how amazing she is.) Andrej Pejic modelling bras for Hema, and why I […]

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Here are a few articles I read this week that got me thinking, and I’d implore you to click on through. We’re all real women … what do men or size have to do with it? by Clementine Ford on The Drum One major problem with the whole “real women have curves” thing is that […]

Naked and pregnant

(Published on Everyone from Cindy Crawford to Christina Aguillera has done it. Ever since Demi Moore appeared naked and seven months pregnant on the cover of Vanity Fair in 1991, it’s been a common trend for celebrities to pose for nude photos when they’re expecting. This week, Miranda Kerr has joined the hall of […]