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How a dog person falls in love with a cat

26 Jan

Gatsby is the cutest kitten

Gatsby is the cutest kitten in the world

Just so everyone knows, I’m now one of those people who refers to her cat as her boyfriend and sings him What’s New Pussycat and blogs about all the cute things he does. I know, I know, but I can’t help it! He’s just so ridiculously cute – you’d be madly in love with him too. His name is Gatsby and he’s just a tiny black ball of fluff. He was a street kitty, so he’s kind of a tough little guy – he’s got that scruffy, bad boy thing going on, and I can’t help but fall for that. He’s so cute that I just watch him adoringly while he wrecks all my stuff (which might give some clue about me and my romantic life, but you know, whatever.)

So, anyone who knows me knows I’m a dog person. At some point someone decided you have to choose between one or the other. (Unless you’re neither, and well, then I just don’t understand you. NOT EVEN PUPPIES?) Which is stupid, but I guess it does make sense in a lot of ways. I’ve always thought the key difference is how much love and affection you want or need from a pet. You get a pet because you have love inside you that’s bursting to be given to someone. Having a pet instantly gives you someone you can love and dote without ever having to play it cool, and you’ll keep loving them forever, because an animal isn’t going to lie to you or refuse to call you back or compare you to their ex-girlfriend at the worst possible moments. (more…)

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7 Jan

Image from lostateminor.com


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